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Exploring Genrative AI

with GAN Models

This talk explores GANs, explaining their training process and various types like conditional and style-based GANs. It covers their applications in image synthesis, video generation, data augmentation, and virtual reality, highlighting their significance in advancing generative AI.

June 3, 2023. 10:00 AM @ MathWorks Register Now

Tiny Machine Learning

All about Tiny ML

ML requires a lot of computing speed and even the cloud services are required on large scale. This talk covers details about how to integrate ML and run TensorFlow on a microcontroller that will help in saving a lot of cost.

Februray 4, 2022. 10:30 AM @ Thoughtworks, Whitefield. Register Now

iOT in Drones

AI in Drones

Talk about developing solutions for new age problems and Contribution of drones in future.

November 24, 2022. 04:30 PM @ KTPO Whitefield Register Now

Build your own Python Packages

Building AI/ML Packages from scratch

Often we create new utilities while solving our own problems, which we want to package and publish for wider AI/Developer community benefit however often we do not know how to do that? This talk exactly covers how we can create and publish our own AI packages.

October 12, 2022. 10:30 AM @ Microsoft Reactor, Lavalle Road Register Now

Drones, UAV and Software Eng.

Edge Computing and UAV

This is going to introduction to the new age ways in which you can learn to developer software engineering solutions to the Software Development that is required for the Edge Computers that are used in Drones

September 11, 2022. 06:30 PM @ LinkedIn Live with Vishwas Narayan Register Now

AI and ML in Drones

Learn and Implement AI

Bangalore AI/ML Meetup invites you to this special meetup to enhance your knowledge around Artificial Intelligence and its applications.

August 6, 2022. 10:15 AM @ Microsoft Reactor, Lavalle Road Register Now

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