lakshay kumar - data science
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Hello World!
I'm Lakshay Kumar,
An Aspiring Data Scientist


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Web Design
Android Development
Content Creation
40.7143528 -74.0059731 Based In NewYork
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Lakshay Kumar
lakshay kumar - data science
Let me introduce myself

About me

I am Lakshay Kumar, an aspriring data scientist and a Startup Enthusiast, studying B.Tech in Digital transformation at Atria University, Bangalore. I always like to work with industry, and therefore even before starting of my college, I helped small startups and businesses to transform their businesses using technolgy, having been worked on Languages like Java, C++, Python, currently exploring the exciting world of AI/ML
I believe technolgy have the power to bring great change in life and can help in solving a lot of problems if implemented properly in real life. I work constantly to bring technology mix with real life. I enjoy developing softwares, Apps, websites and Machine learning programs towards a better world. Knowledge and skills are my priority rather than being a manufacturing machine.

Web Design

Android Development


Content Creation

WHat do Numbers

Contantly Working for these figures to increase exponentially.

Total Projects
IIT / Times nie Winners
Public talks
Published Packages
My Resume //


More of my credentials.

Here's where I connected with Industry and contributed towards development to products valuable for C2B or B2B sectors.

AI Developer - CHES Labs

January 2023 - Present
00. -

Full Time

It is about digital health but in stealth mode.

lakshay kumar - data science

Founder - Techuro

October 2021 - Present
01. -

Full Time

A startup where a group of young students work together as a freelancer to deliver the basic customer needs. This helps them with their initial earnings and saves the precious time of professional freelancers

lakshay kumar - data science

Social Media Marketing Strategist - Duende Education

July 2021 - Present
02. -

Part Time

Responsible for handling all the social media accounts, creating solutions using Data Science, Ads Management and content creation. The audience engagement was increased by 40% and followers were almost doubled during my tenure.

lakshay kumar - data science

Research Assistant - Atria University

Sep 2021 - Jan 2022
03. -


It was a Data Driven Research in mutations happening in COVID-19 virus. This research was led by Prof. Saurabh Mahajan. This internship helped me enhance my data science and python programming skills.

lakshay kumar - data science

App and Web Developer - Hex Business Innovation

June 2021 - August 2021
04. -


Hex was a B2B company developing products for businesses. I was working as a Junior App / Web Developer and contributed towards face detection / recognition modules of the products.

lakshay kumar - data science

Software Developer - Pandey Solutions

December 2018 - January 2019
05. -


Developed Billing system for regular use.

lakshay kumar - data science
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Working With

I am the one who always prefer to learn with and from Industrial Experience. Moreover I engage myself with a lot for community development. From writing blogs on hashnode, developing packages for python developers to giving public talks in meetup groups.


Data Science

01. -

Python / Java / C#

Computer Vision

Web Scraping

Machine Learning

Web Development

02. -
Flask / Django
Content Creation
Digital Marketing

Language Skills

03. -







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