Industrial || Jun 2023 - Present

Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching Dyslexic Pupils - UK

In my role, I focused on automating the process of connecting and onboarding schools in India. This involved developing efficient systems and workflows to streamline the onboarding process. By leveraging automation tools and technologies, I successfully reduced manual efforts and improved the overall efficiency and scalability of school connections.

Industrial || Mar 2023 - Present

Loyalty Program for Social Good - LoveAll

This project leverages technology through a loyalty program to address limited access to underprivileged education, aiming to provide equal opportunities for learning and empower marginalized communities.

Academic || Feb 2022

Socialy Social Media

Developed a socially intelligent social media platform that leverages advanced algorithms. Utilized machine learning algorithms to personalize content recommendations based on user preferences, interests, and social connections.

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Academic || Nov 2022

Namma Metro Algorithm Designing

Designed an algorithm for the Namma Metro system based on efficient data structures. Utilized graph data structures to represent stations and track connections, optimizing for quick traversal and route planning. Implemented algorithms such as Dijkstra's or A* for finding the shortest path between stations. Ensured scalability and robustness to handle a large volume of data and provide reliable navigation for metro commuters.

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Academic || Sep 2022

Flight Delay Prediction

I analyzed historical flight delay data to develop a predictive model. By leveraging the previous delay history of flights, I identified patterns and factors contributing to delays. Using machine learning algorithms, I built a model to accurately forecast potential flight delays, enabling proactive measures for improved operations and passenger experience.

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Academic || Jul 2022

Computer Vision in Drones

Implemented computer vision techniques to integrate drones for surveillance, rescue operations, and control through finger gesture recognition. Developed algorithms for real-time object detection, tracking, and identification. Enabled efficient and intuitive interaction with drones, enhancing their capabilities in various scenarios. Contributed to advancing the field of drone technology for mission-critical applications.

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Academic || Mar 2022

Trigo DALV

Developed a recommendation system project for suggesting places in Bangalore based on individual preferences within a group. Utilized collaborative filtering and machine learning algorithms to analyze user choices and generate personalized recommendations. Incorporated user feedback and ratings to continuously improve the accuracy and relevance of suggestions. Enhanced group decision-making and facilitated exploration of diverse places in Bangalore.

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